6 Pregnancy Hacks you wish you knew when you were expecting

6 Pregnancy Hacks you wish you knew when you were expecting

While pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman's life, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine! Most moms-to-be experience morning sickness, body aches, swollen feet, and sleepless nights even before delivering the baby.

Discovering what works best for you is key to having a pregnancy that feels good, and it's not one size fits all! Sometimes learning what works comes from trial and error, and other times asking pregnancy questions and getting advice from others who’ve been down this road can be very helpful. Finding help while pregnant is key to feeling supported and loved.

Pregnancy can be fun, especially when you have these five hacks! With these, expectant mothers can keep sane and feel good throughout their pregnancy.

1. Don’t worry about zipping!

There's no way around it. If your clothes are tight, you're going to be uncomfortable. If your shoes, dress, or jeans are too tight, don't force it. A sweater to hide an open zipper is just fine! For jeans, you can use a waistband extender- and it doesn't have to be fancy. For women in their first trimester, when they're slowly edging out of their jeans, a simple hair tie or rubber band can be their best friend. Give your belly some space by wrapping the band through your pant buttonhole and securing it around the button on the other side. This will give your growing belly some room, so you breathe.

2. Get a notebook

 Mommy brain–we’ve all heard the rumors. And they’re true. Whether it’s in your notes on your phone or a little notepad you leave around the house, a notebook with your tasks and to-do lists is essential to finding balance and peace in your daily routines. When you’re pregnant, your memory may not be as sharp and your mind may get a little wonky. Jot down the thought in real-time to get your life on the path of clarity.

3. Innertubes, they’re not just for the water!

 Maternity stores are stocked full of pregnancy pillows, but a round, pool floaties called an innertube can also do the trick! Once your belly has "popped," you can use an innertube to sleep or rest, using the open space for your tummy, and getting some much-needed shut-eye. Particularly during your third trimester, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for this one. As a pregnant mom, your sleep needs to feel full and rejuvenating. Your body needs to be comfortable. An innertube offers space for your belly while supporting your neck, which allows the pressure to be taken off your back. These can improve the quality of your sleep. While you can use the innertube to rest on your bed or in the backyard, some pregnant women also find the water to be soothing, so get yourself one and get to floating!

4. The surprising use of ChapStick

As your belly grows, you may notice that your rings are starting to get tight. First off, this is totally normal and happens to everyone! Don't wait too long to take them off because once they’re stuck, they can be really stuck. If you’re struggling to get them off, use natural ChapStick to coat your finger so you can slide it off.

5. Make a pillow fort for sleeping

Sleeping on your left side helps improve circulation and keeps your growing baby bump from pushing down on your organs. Sleeping on your back is not recommended because it can slow circulation and force the heart to work extra hard. If you’re not a natural side-sleeper, you can create a fun pillow creation to help your rest. Take 6-8 small pillows and ask your partner to sew them together in a half-circle formation. This will give you something to lay against and give you a chance to sleep.

6. Create a late-night snack bar

Late-night cravings are a part of pregnancy, so prepare by creating a bedside snack bar! Bring a small basket with your favorite snacks to your room by the side of your bed so that way you don’t have to walk downstairs or to the kitchen when you need a little treat. As your bump grows, it becomes more difficult to get up and move around. Make your life easier by having snacks at arm's length.


The most important pregnancy hack is to ask for help, particularly from your partner or family. They are there to support you, even if it’s just by painting your toenails or shaving your legs!


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