3 ways LBU can help manage your diabetes

3 ways LBU can help manage your diabetes

Dr. Alba Smith, Nurse Practitioner at LBU Community Clinic


We love our patients. We want them to live their best lives. We have several useful programs here at LBU that can help our patients with diabetes management.

In the United States, the prevalence and incidence of type 2 diabetes (T2D) are higher among the Hispanic population than the general population. In addition to a genetic predisposition to obesity and increased insulin resistance, sociocultural variables including poorer income and restricted access to healthcare and education are also contributing factors in this situation.

Here are ways that LBU can help you manage your diabetes:

1.      Our doctors can:

Provide Diabetes education

The clinic can provide information on managing diabetes, such as how to check blood sugar levels, eat healthily, exercise, and manage medications.

Help you understand Blood sugar monitoring

The clinic can help patients monitor their blood sugar levels by conducting in-person tests or by giving them a blood glucose meter to use at home. We can also prescribe and modify drugs as necessary to assist control blood sugar levels.

2. Our nutritionists Offer Nutritional Courses for Diabetes Management

The clinic can offer nutritional advice to patients so they can choose nutritious foods and control their diabetes through diet.

3. Other clinical Services

We have podiatry and ophthalmology services onsite to make sure your diabetes remains in check.


The LBU community clinic may be extremely helpful to patients in managing their diabetes by giving them education, monitoring, and support services to help them reach and maintain appropriate blood sugar levels and avoid or manage complications related to diabetes.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please call (214) 540-0300.

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