Preparing Siblings for the Arrival of a Baby

Preparing Siblings for the Arrival of a Baby

Francisco Guzman, LMSW, Case worker at LBU Community Clinic


The anticipation of a new baby is a joyous and exciting time for the entire family, but it can also be a period of adjustment for older siblings. Helping your children prepare for the arrival of a new brother or sister is crucial to fostering a smooth transition and creating a positive family dynamic. In this blog post, we'll explore practical tips and strategies to prepare siblings for the arrival of a new baby.

Open Communication

Start the process by having open and age-appropriate conversations with your children about the upcoming addition to the family. Explain that they will soon have a new brother or sister and discuss the changes that may occur. Encourage them to ask questions and share their feelings, ensuring that they feel heard and valued.

Something Like:

First off, get ready to share the spotlight! Imagine having a new sidekick in your daily quests for fun. Yep, that's your soon-to-arrive sibling! Get excited about having a partner in crime for all your games, challenges, and secret missions.

Involve Siblings in Pregnancy

Make your older children feel included in the pregnancy journey. Allow them to accompany you to doctor's appointments, listen to the baby's heartbeat, and feel the baby move. This involvement helps create a sense of connection and excitement, fostering a positive attitude toward the new family member.

Something Like:

We need your wisdom to teach the baby the ropes of this wild family journey. Share your favorite bedtime stories, showcase your dance moves, and let them in on the secrets of the best snack stashes in the house. You're the ultimate guide to the ways of the household, so get ready to pass down your incredible knowledge.

Read Books and Watch Videos

Utilize children's books and videos that explain the concept of becoming an older sibling. These resources can provide valuable insights and make the idea of having a new baby brother or sister more relatable and fun for your children.

Establish a Routine

As the due date approaches, consider establishing a routine that mimics what life will be like once the baby arrives. This can include adjusted meal and bedtime schedules, as well as introducing tasks that may require some independence for the older siblings.

Plan Special Sibling Time

Make an effort to spend quality time with each older sibling individually. Engaging in activities they enjoy and providing undivided attention will reassure them of their importance within the family, despite the upcoming changes.

Create a "Big Sibling" Kit

Assemble a special kit for each older sibling, filled with items that will make them feel important and included. Include a small gift from the new baby, personalized items, and perhaps a few books or activities to keep them occupied during hospital visits.

Discuss Baby Care

Depending on the age of your older children, involve them in discussions about caring for a newborn. Explain how babies eat, sleep, and communicate their needs. If they express interest, consider demonstrating diaper changing or feeding techniques with a doll.

Choose a Special Gift

Encourage the older siblings to select a special gift for the new baby. This small act of giving helps create a sense of connection and responsibility, fostering positive feelings toward their new family member.

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a monumental moment that requires thoughtful preparation, especially when older siblings are involved. By fostering open communication, involving them in the process, and creating positive associations with the arrival of their new brother or sister, you can ensure a smoother transition and lay the foundation for a strong, loving sibling bond.


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