Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob

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Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob is a Board-Certified Pediatrician with many years of experience working with Neo-born to Adolescent age groups from different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. He did his initial Pediatric Internship in Pakistan and completed his Pediatric Residency in the University of Illinois Hospital Chicago.

Dr. Yaqoob, a dedicated pediatrician at LBU, conducts thorough sports physical exams, ensuring the optimal health and fitness of athletes under his care.

Since then, he has worked as a Hospitalist, Pediatric Clinic and Pediatric ER and Urgent Care. Dr. Yaqoob has four kids in different stages in life. When he’s not busy with them he loves to travel, go for a walk, gardening, and meet people from different cultural backgrounds.

Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob

Specialties: Pediatrics
Languages: English
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