6 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

6 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

Sometimes, our daily routines can feel mundane or unfulfilling. If not disrupted, the tedious rhythm of day-to-day life may even become a stressor and pose a threat to your mental health. For this reason, it can be essential to take a day off from your typical schedule and focus on taking care of yourself.

It is important to note that serious mental health issues cannot be solved in one day, and that you should seek ongoing treatment for any consistent issues. Additionally, it’s important to practice rest and self-care daily, as these are basic needs that are required for us to be healthy. As Tricia Hersey says in her book, Rest is Resistance, “Treating each other and ourselves with care isn’t a luxury, but an absolute necessity if we’re going to thrive. Resting isn’t an afterthought, but a basic part of being human.”

Although it is not a substitute for mental health treatment or daily rest, taking a mental health day can provide time to recharge in order to be your best self when you return to your typical routine.

Here are some signs that it may be time to take a mental health day:

  1. You’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed.
  2. You’re having difficulty concentrating or completing tasks.
  3. You’re feeling physically or mentally exhausted.
  4. You’re having difficulty sleeping or experiencing a change in sleep patterns.
  5. You’re having difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.
  6. You’re feeling disconnected from your usual activities and interests.

You can also check out this burnout questionnaire, which may help you understand if you’re in need of a mental health day and/or improved daily self-care practices.

Overall, if you feel like you would benefit from a mental health day, you should take one. It is never a bad idea to dedicate time to taking care of yourself.

You may be wondering, well what should I do during this mental health day? Truthfully, that is up to you. Your mental health day should contain activities that you enjoy, find peaceful, and recharge your energy. This can include taking naps, going to the spa or salon, participating in a hobby, exercising, reading a book, or watching television. What’s most important is that you do not spend your mental health day exerting yourself even more. This is not time to catch up on chores, work on schoolwork, or run errands. It can be understandably difficult to avoid these things during your time off, but it’s important to remember why you decided to take this day off and honor your body’s need for rest.

It is essential to regularly check in with yourself and assess if you are experiencing symptoms of burnout. Recognizing these symptoms and taking time for yourself can be life changing. Taking mental health days and practicing self-care regularly are necessary for your health. We challenge you to prioritize your health and take a mental health day if you feel it will benefit you!

We are better as individuals, friends, coworkers, and teammates when we make sure every part of our health is taken care of.

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